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Set Building 102 – War Bunker

A timelapse following the construction of a War Bunker Set at Reel Eagle Studios for “I Die Alone” Various parts were captured at various rates, and much of …

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4-6-10 In the Bunker

No vlog yesterday??? and why would that be??? Help me encourage my friend Kevin to start a comedy vlog! I think it would be fantastic! His jokes are great……

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New THE COLONY TRAILER Starring Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton

In 2045, the Earth faces extreme cold conditions which force survivors to live in underground bunkers. Their challenges are controlling disease and producing…

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By Chris Hoffman, the other Chris and Taylor P.

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Iranian Missile Silo

In the video you can see a secret location in Iran with a missile silo, the video explains that these silos have existed for 15 years and are spread across I…

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Fanbay deep shelter, Dover

Entrance is about 5 foot away from main path way a rather small hole.

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LGBT: Double Edged Sword of Feminism and Video Games?

Shall I go hide in my Doomsday Bunker now because nobody here seems to be able to have a conversation that doesn’t go farther then calling me a ‘Misogynistic little oinker’, ‘Benny Hills’s Twin’ or ‘Women Hating Troll’ just for bringing this topic up. I’m just saying that. Isn’t it also Sexist to look at […]

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Do you think Alex Jones is right?

That the government has a secret weather making machine so they can create F5 tornadoes and send them to majority Republican populated areas? I know Conservative newscasters would not mislead me to further their own narrative. @willie – Wikipedia and Alex Jones, how could you get two better sources than that? Thanks for clearing this […]

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1998 Anti-Hacker Commercial during Super Bowl XXXII (1/25/98)

In 1998, Network Associates (which later dissolved into McAfee) runs their “anti-hacker” commercial during Super Bowl XXXII, seen by approximately 90 million viewers. The ad, which cost ~.3 million for 30 seconds, depicts two Russian missile silo crewmen worrying that a computer order they received to launch nuclear missiles may have come from a hacker. […]

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December 21 2012 The End Of The World

Watch Sean’z View talks December 21 2012 The End Of The… BEGINNING

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