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would the new world order cause the apocalypse?

I’ve heard from militia videos on youtube that it would more then likely start a global uprising. -the government will take the 2nd amendment away by the end of this month -the NDAA has been signed -HR 645 has been signed -obama reinstated the Patriot Act -obama signed the National Defense Resource Preparedness -obama made […]

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The Simpsons postponed until 11:30pm EST on Sunday 1/6/2013 because of football in Washington, DC (east coast)?

I live in the Washington DC area, and today is Sunday January 6th 2013. My favorite TV Show, “The Simpsons”, is not showing at its usual 8:00pm time. No no, they postponed it until 11:30pm today, so they say, because of football. The funny thing is that the Redskins vs Seahawks game, in which the […]

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Please create a “prepper” section.?

@Gadfly: One would think Yahoo would be interested in attracting eyeballs from a growth industry. Chosen Answer: While I am hesitant to paint YA! with the same brush as Jim, particularly when responding to a question which is asking YA for something, I agree with him that it is unlikely that they would create […]

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Was Noah a doomsday prepper, with an animal fixation, who hit it lucky?

They’re not exactly rare, or sane. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

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Question for Doom Day Preppers ?

When your house is surrounded by tanks and government personnel like Waco, Texas . What will be your next move ? “common sense ” you obviously still live at home or don’t get out much Liberty Lady, Dooms day ALSO includes government take over. I am TRULY amazed at how SO many people have no […]

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Was Sandy Hook staged?

Parents weren’t allowed to ID their kids bodies, Lanza destroyed his computer, the guns he used were supposedly found in the trunk of his car, the kids had their eyes covered as they were walking out of the school, and the stories are inconsistent. First, the mom was a teacher, then she was a volunteer […]

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Why are doomsday preppers afraid of Russia?

I was watching the TV show doomsday preppers and they seem to be concerned with Russia. Why? Chosen Answer: Every body has their own opinion of what threats exist to their country. In the U.S., some people fear invasion by other countries – Russia is just one of the many. Why? I’m uncertain. by: edrogers55 […]

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What’s your response to paranoid gun-hoarding NRA members who fantasize about armed stand-offs with police?

If the comments in YA Politics are anything to go by then it’s clear that the overwhelming majority of NRA members are paranoid right-wing doomsday preppers who fantasize about armed stand-offs with the police. What’s your response to the NRA position that, while it is important to make sure that the mentally ill don’t have […]

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What’s your response to the NRAs desire to legalize WMDs?

The NRA and Republican Party both oppose the United Nation’s Small Arms Treaty, part of which includes a ban on dispersant systems for chemical and biological weapons. What’s your response to the NRA and Republican Party official position that the US cannot ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty because ratifying that treaty will prevent doomsday-preppers, […]

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Does anyone else agree Doomsday Preppers is a laugh riot?

The best part is when they run mock drills, that really gets me going. I do feel bad though for the spouses and kids. I wonder if these people are really legit? Does anyone know people like this? Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

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