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Welcome to Doomsday Central | America’s Doomsday Plan

Subscribe to Discovery! | Colorado houses a massive bunker deep inside a mountain. Colonel Michael Alford gives an exclusive tour as he inspects the base. | For more America’s Doomsday Plan, visit

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Atlas E Missile Silo Tour #2 Windsor Colorado

tour of the only public accessable missle silo in the usa

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Titan-1 Missile Silo/Complex – Basic Edited Overview

A combination of shots from different cameras of different team members on several trips. You can explore the site more here: and see more pics of the sites in Colorado here:

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Weld County Atlas-E Missile Silo Site Tour

Weld County, Colorado Missile Site Park Manager Pete Ambrose guides tour of decommissioned Atlas-E missile silo near Greeley, CO. Read about the drama at!

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What do you guys think of Alex Jones’ response to the Colorado shooting?

As soon as I heard it happened, I knew Alex Jones would think it was a New World Order reptilian conspiracy to take our guns away or something. Chosen Answer: With the UN small arms treaty being signed on July 27 and Obama is going to sign it I can see that . by: Mogollon […]

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