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Doomsday preppers show question?

Is it me or are most of these people seem crazy?? Wouldnt it be more wiser to have a Get home bag (GHB) in your car to get you home. A survival tin in your pocket, with a concealed gun and pocket folder knife to get you to the car then to your home. Once […]

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Where are the places to find warm air apart from shelters for the homeless?

Example: Underground vaults concealed by man-hole covers often have so much electrical conduit in-use that insulation is needed to prevent fires. Chosen Answer: Hawaii…and the body of a woman. by: Girls T on: 2nd April 10

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Building an underground home? Where do I start?

My husband and I are thinking of building an underground home on some acreage we have. I know that I could just google for plans and such but does anyone on here know some really good sites for tips on this and plans for homes? We live in northeastern Montana. Chosen Answer: Unless it’s a […]

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