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Doomsday Underground Bunkers

Doomsday Underground Bunkers and Storm Shelters in Florida

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if i were able to build an underground storm shelter?

I live in FL, and if i wanted to build an underground shelter would I have to get a permit? If so how much would it be? Chosen Answer: I do not think an underground shelter will work very well in Florida. Florida is prone to flooding. Some sort of concrete hurricane resistant shelter would […]

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where are some doomsday preppers in Florida?

Hi, I’m new to doomsday prepping and I want to be able to go some where in Florida where there are more doomsday preppers. If you guys don’t mind if I can get some email on where any doomsday preppers are so if it does happen me and family have some place to go. Thanks […]

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Where to go In Florida for tornado?

I moved from Michigan and we have basements for our summer tornados. But, where in Florida do I go when I am on a 3rd story apartment with no underground safety area? A thunderstorm can unexpectedly turn into a tornado so a quick safety area needs to be available unlike a hurricane which can be […]

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