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Do you think Alex Jones is right?

That the government has a secret weather making machine so they can create F5 tornadoes and send them to majority Republican populated areas? I know Conservative newscasters would not mislead me to further their own narrative. @willie – Wikipedia and Alex Jones, how could you get two better sources than that? Thanks for clearing this […]

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Secret (until now) Government Nuclear Bunker. part 1/2

This is where devolved central Government and military commanders would have run the east region of the UK if nuclear war had broken out. Built in great secrecy and under strict military security, and designed to support 600 people for 3 months. The walls are 10ft thick and over 40000 tons of cement were used […]

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Proof the Government is Preparing for Armageddon

the events are and always been signals there never was a comet only fear like asteroid that came between the earth and moon no one saw it but nasa and put vids on tv its fake it never was there now these bunkers are there look them up online you can buy your own ww3 […]

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Government Underground Bunkers, YU55, and 2012 with Jesse Ventura

Government Underground Bunkers, YU55, and 2012 with Jesse Ventura

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NWO Mafia Building Deep Underground Cities Using Our Tax Money Preparing For 2012

Help Free The Earth offers liberating documentaries, books and solutions to defeat the New World Order Agenda including – How to free your money. How to free your mind. How to resist and defeat the shadow government subscribe to a brand new channel: credits to Grace Powers, Amenstop Productions. Producer-writer-director-resea rcher of […]

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You will NOT believe what happens half way through this Video, Watch how the government decides to post warning right when she speaks about what the Dutch are doing to prepare for 2012 I dont care if you believe this or not, Thats not my job to defend Fox news since they do lie more […]

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Paddock secret underground Bunker Part 1

Paddock is the codeword for an alternative Cabinet War Room bunker for Winston Churchill’s World War II government located in Dollis Hill, North West London under the Post Office Research Station. It was constructed in 1939 but only rarely used during the war, with only two meetings of the War Cabinet being held there. It […]

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Eccentric Extras: Abandoned Missile Silo Exploration

The Eccentric Crew gets a little adventurous and explores an abandoned missile silo left behind by the government during the cold war era. This is sort of a teaser for a segment where Eccentric sticks their noses where it’s not supposed to be. Exploring the off limits, and the possibly haunted. Original Score by GDRichard […]

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Why do right-wingers believe silly conspiracy theories like “the government is going to enslave us”?

Has the right ever espoused anything logical, or is it easier to just blindly listen to comedians like Ted Nugent, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Breitbart, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc.? No one needs a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon to defend themselves, especially not from government. You think your puny […]

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Will an M16 protect me from Drones that can kill people with out them ever seeing it?

Like fellow Conservative Patriot Conservative, Alex Jones I am terrified of a tyrannical government, except the ones I support. So I need to horde as many weapons as possible because everyone knows the more weapons you hoarde the more likable and sane you are. So will an M16 protect me from Drones, Laser guided missiles, […]

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