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FEMA Coffins in Kingsbury Indiana and NEW Underground FEMA Bunkers on a Closed Military Base.

Kingsbury GOOGLE EARTH New FEMA Coffins in Kingsbury Location: 41°31’08.48″N 86°41’24.36″W New FEMA Underground Bunkers: Location: 41°30’20.58″N 86°36’34.79″W OLD Kingsbury Bunkers Location: 41°31’22.54″N 86°39’56.15″W Known FEMA Coffins in Georgia Location: 33°33’57.36″N 83°29’6.26″W Read More Here:

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Warning: Asteroid “2011- SE58″ May Hit Earth On 9/27/11?

Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana is “stunned” to find out that an Asteroid may crash into earth on 9/27/2011 the same day President Obama will be underground deep,deep,deep, in Denver den or bunker! Whaaaat? Are You Serious?

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