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New THE COLONY TRAILER Starring Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton

In 2045, the Earth faces extreme cold conditions which force survivors to live in underground bunkers. Their challenges are controlling disease and producing…

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Stephen Fry meets an underground bunker family in Kansas

Taken from ‘Stephen Fry in America’ available on DVD through and all major retailers. Stephen Fry visits a family who live in an old nuclear bunker in Kansas.

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Live 105′s Live Underground – Stone Mary April 11/12

Christine from Stone Mary is interviewed on Live 105′s Live Underground about the Crack In the World tour with Old Blood & Shelter With Thieves also an upcoming solo acoustic record.

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So you wanna live in a missile silo?

20 years ago, Bruce Francisco and his business partner bought an old Cold War missile base in the Adirondacks. After a few million dollars in renovations, the silo is now a luxury home.

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We Live In Public Film Trailer Dogwoof

On the 40th anniversary of the invention of the Internet, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC reveals the effect the web is having on our society, as seen through the eyes of the greatest Internet pioneer youve never heard of, artist, futurist and visionary Josh Harris. Award-winning director Ondi Timoner (DiG! – which also won the Sundance […]

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READ UPDATE BELOW 90 Minute Special with Lindsey Williams Live 8-5-2012 Illuminati Elite Bush UPDATE, LINDSEY WILL BE REJOINING DEEP EARTH BUNKER ON WEDNESDAY SEPT 19TH FOR A CALL IN SESSION WITH LISTENERS. DEEPEARTHBUNKERRADIO DOT COM.. 8-5-2012 Deep Earth Radio 90 Minute Special with Lindsey Williams Live 8-5-2012 Illuminati Lindsey Williams – Pastor Lindsey Williams had the opportunity to sit, live and rub shoulders with the “Elite,” the […]

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Inside a Nuclear Missile Silo

The US government had to convince Russia that this wasn’t a live warhead. Russia has a satellite fly over the silo making sure the IBM is disabled. The silo is near Tucson, Arizona “Silo 7″ (1988) was filmed here

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CIA 2012 our leaders will live in underground bunkers

LEARN THE REAL TRUTH the CIA Killers Our Civil Rights Liberties and Freedoms Homeland Security 911 Inside Job / CIA CIA Drug Dealers Crack Cocaine Killers — South America Fabricated War On Terror CIA & FBI Racial Profiling And Human Rights Violations Gang injunctions No Fly List Terror List USA torture cells Fema Death […]

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How safe is your average tornado shelter adn why don’t they build them underground?

I live in a 2nd floor apartment. The only storm shelter we have is about 2 blocks away and it’s a basic garage type building, concrete with steel beams across the top. I know that last year or the year before 4 boy scouts were killed when the tornado shelter they were in (very similar […]

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Getting German Shepherd into a tornado shelter help?

I live in Oklahoma and I have an underground tornado shelter in my garage. I have a 4 month gsd puppy and I’m curious, how do I get him in without a major freak out? I can’t really find anything on the Internet that answers my question. Also any tips for getting him in when […]

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