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FEMA Coffins in Kingsbury Indiana and NEW Underground FEMA Bunkers on a Closed Military Base.

Kingsbury GOOGLE EARTH New FEMA Coffins in Kingsbury Location: 41°31’08.48″N 86°41’24.36″W New FEMA Underground Bunkers: Location: 41°30’20.58″N 86°36’34.79″W OLD Kingsbury Bunkers Location: 41°31’22.54″N 86°39’56.15″W Known FEMA Coffins in Georgia Location: 33°33’57.36″N 83°29’6.26″W Read More Here:

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Wierd military computer boards

High-res pics at Update : Thanks to Jim Lanzafane for the following info : Memories… Thats hardware I designed in the 1980′s. It is part of the Military Vax Computer system (MILVAX). We took DECs full size multi cabinet VAX computer, repackaged all the electronics into hermetic ceramic surface mount devices, and double sided […]

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IRAN MILITARY NUCLEAR BALLISTIC MISSILE LAUNCH SILO ————– Does Iran Now Have Nuclear Capable Warheads? According to reports from Iran, two missile warheads with nuclear capability have been delivered to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Based on reports received by the Green Experts of Iran, the range of the missiles, produced by the Ministry of Defense Industries, has also been […]

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The Twilight Zone – “To Serve Man” – Are you going?

The Twilight Zone “To Serve Man” episode. Rod Serling. Original broadcast date – March 2, 1962. Alien Draco reptilian shapeshifter DUMBs agenda. ? Are you going? Not to another planet, but to a DUMB? ? Please see my “Deep Underground Military Bases – A Pale Horse” playlist. Thank you. Are you going? Not to another […]

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The Condo at the End of the World – Life Inside a Nuclear Missile Bunker

Edward Peden purchased a former US military launch site in the 1980s, and has been living in it ever since. Meanwhile, Larry Hall is building million-dollar condominiums inside of an underground missile silo. Read the full article here: Video by Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger Feature by Joseph L. Flatley

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Secret (until now) Government Nuclear Bunker. part 1/2

This is where devolved central Government and military commanders would have run the east region of the UK if nuclear war had broken out. Built in great secrecy and under strict military security, and designed to support 600 people for 3 months. The walls are 10ft thick and over 40000 tons of cement were used […]

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CHINA´S FIRST MILITARY AIRCRAFT CARRIER COMPLETES SEA TRIAL – September 2011 Courtesy: CNTVUnderstand “ALLIANCE OF YOUTH MOVEMENTS” FUNDED & ARMED by the US Taxpayer [Once Again] Under the authority of US Secretary of State & Director of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (“CFR”) Hillary CLINTON [Chairman Emeritus of the CFR: David ROCKEFELLER PhD (LSE, London […]

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satalite view of DUMBs

some great satilite views of Deep Underground Military Bases. This is just one general area with multiple entrances peppering the landscape. Go on google earth, plug in the locations and look for yourself.

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URGENT WARNING Obama Ordered To Denver Bunker By US Military

My Blog : Obama Ordered To Denver Bunker By US Military Obama and Globalists converging on Denver Deep Underground Military Base for September 27, 2011 http Barack Hussein Obama and his family will be leaving Washington DC early next week and will be heading to Denver International Airport. Obama isn’t taking […]

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Norway In Afghanistan 1/6 The Price Of War

Norwegian six part documentary covering Norway’s involvement in the Afghanistan war both military and politically. CC toggles subtitles. Part 2: Pressing pause/play and keyboard “b” toggles subtitle background. Pressing “+” or “-” increases/decreases subtitle text size.

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