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Doomsday Bunkers | Hidden in America

Subscribe to Destination America! | The children of Montana religious leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet explain what it’s like to grow up under her restrictive regime. | For more Hidden in America, visit

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Were there ever any nuclear missile silos in ohio?

I was just wondering if there were ever any nuclear missile silos in ohio, and if so, will any of them ever come up for sale? For that matter, were there ever any silos east of the mississippi? I was hoping to make a home out of one some day, but as far as I […]

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Building an underground home? Where do I start?

My husband and I are thinking of building an underground home on some acreage we have. I know that I could just google for plans and such but does anyone on here know some really good sites for tips on this and plans for homes? We live in northeastern Montana. Chosen Answer: Unless it’s a […]

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How does Alex Jones always stay anywhere from two weeks to 18 months ahead of the mainstream media?

The recent events in Hardin, Montana are a good example. Jones began covering this almost two weeks before it hit the mainstream media. What takes the mainstream so long to catch on? I know they have a duty to keep us abreast of what Paris Hilton is doing, but couldn’t they find the time to […]

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