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Welcome to Doomsday Central | America’s Doomsday Plan

Subscribe to Discovery! | Colorado houses a massive bunker deep inside a mountain. Colonel Michael Alford gives an exclusive tour as he inspects the base. | For more America’s Doomsday Plan, visit

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abandoned missile silos

pictuers taken as we flew over the missile silos behind sutter buttes mountain range. In 1963, a missile silo complex containing three separate Titan 1 ICBM missiles was constructed near the base of the Buttes. The site was only active from 1963 to 1965, and it was decommissioned and mostly dismantled in 1965. The site […]

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Does the United States have the capability to reach Iran’s underground nuclear facilities?

I have been reading reports about Iran having underground nuclear facilities that are made out of reinforced concrete, or they are dug into a mountain side. I am aware that our country has missiles that can penetrate the ground, but just how capable are these missiles? Could they or any other weapon we make, penetrate […]

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What was the “undisclosed location” that Cheney and his aides spent so much time at?

Raven Rock Mountain Complex or some secret underground bunker beneath the Naval Observatory? Chosen Answer: Inside Lincoln’s Nose at Mount Rushmore. by: Bolide ?shinning bacon of hope…? on: 3rd September 11

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What are environmentalists and liberals going to worry and protest about now?

Since no one really believes in Global Warming anymore. I suggest they should make up something more believable like ‘Global Mountain Shrinking” I dont know what blinders are, and I dont know how to pronounce a word with a $ in it, but I’m pretty sure its fake. Especially since its been cold all week. […]

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What will happen when Doomsday gets here and it is fake?

What do you think people will do when they find out doomsday was a hoax (12-22-12 – the day after). I know some people are already creating shelters very low below the earth’s surface… So this isn’t just a “we’ll all die on that day I guess,” thing. I am a firm believer that Doomsday […]

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What are you doing to PREPARE FOR the year 2012 ?

Russia and the U.S. are building semi-secret underground cities. Most likely, you and I will not be invited if disaster strikes: So what are you doing, if anything to prepare. YAMANTAU: What’s going on in Yamantau Mountain Complex ? Chosen Answer: We have built a bomb shelter under our mosque which we are filling […]

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