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Alabama Fiberglass Underground Storm Shelter

At we are passionate about tornado safety. services the Central Alabama area. Please visit

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Storm Safety Expert, Channel 5 Meteorologist Charlie Neese On Storm Shelters “Are You in Tornado Alley Now?” Written by Charlie Neese Based on tornado tracks over the last 61 years, there is no longer much of a delineation between the traditional Tornado Alley (the Great Plains into parts of the Midwest ) from Dixie Alley (much of the Southeast). Tornado Alley seems to be just […]

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Tornado Shelter Construction, Underground Storm Shelter, Tornadoes in Nashville Part 2

Tornado shelter construction for underground storm shelters has evolved into one of the safest ways to keep your family sheltered during tornadoes. National Storm Shelters has designed a very affordable user friendly tornado shelter that is placed in the ground in your garage. The other tornado shelter types force you to leave your home and […]

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Storm Shelters – Tour of an Installed Underground Huntsville Tornado Lifesaver Storm Shelter (LS-12) – What’s a quality, underground storm shelter like a Lifesaver storm shelter like? Where will you go when the next Huntsville tornado or severe weather hits? Hear from one of many satisfied Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama customers as this customer enters his new Huntsville Tornado shelter after install for the first time. […]

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Do apartments in Fort Worth, Texas have tornado shelters or where do you go?

I’m considering moving from Southern California to Fort Worth, Texas and I’m concerned about Tornados. I have a cat and will be most likely moving into an apartment because of costs. Do all apartment complexes have a group underground shelter for when they have tornado warnings? Regarding being a Californian, I’m aware of earthquakes as […]

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How safe is your average tornado shelter adn why don’t they build them underground?

I live in a 2nd floor apartment. The only storm shelter we have is about 2 blocks away and it’s a basic garage type building, concrete with steel beams across the top. I know that last year or the year before 4 boy scouts were killed when the tornado shelter they were in (very similar […]

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Getting German Shepherd into a tornado shelter help?

I live in Oklahoma and I have an underground tornado shelter in my garage. I have a 4 month gsd puppy and I’m curious, how do I get him in without a major freak out? I can’t really find anything on the Internet that answers my question. Also any tips for getting him in when […]

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What would be the best tornado storm shelter?

In your opinion or experience, what would you rather prefer for a shelter during a tornado? An above ground shelter that is placed in the middle of your home or an underground shelter that is placed in your backyard a few feet from your house? If you could explain your answer that would be wonderful! […]

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Can a SeaCan(ShippingContainer) be buried and remain water tight? Or will it rust through?

We’re looking to make an underground storage facility, and tornado shelter. Can we do that? Will they star water right underground or will they rust through? How long will they last? We’re pretty dry here, never flooded, got clay underneath us. What do you think? Chosen Answer: Some containers are made of alluminium and steel, […]

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How do you protect pets from tornado?

I just moved to Oklahoma and there isn’t a tornado shelter that will allow pets near me and i have no basement or cellar so how do I make sure my dogs are safe before i leave for a shelter myself? Chosen Answer: Take your dogs with you? If you can’t then have a designated […]

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